From Geev to WP Fortune

In March 2013 Geev started developing free and premium WordPress plugins. This turned 2013 and 2014 in fantastic years with many new adventures. We set high standards for our service and support. Our support and development team has doubled in the last year to answer all questions in time.

Because we set such high standards for our plugins and services we had many satisfied customers and our plugins are used on many sites around the world. And that’s really great!

But…  no matter how much pleasure we had in the last year we lost time for other projects we like to do. We miss developing challenging websites, creating corporated identities and making gigantic promotional campaigns. And that’s a shame! That’s why we have decided to move all our WordPress plugins and WordPress support services to the new company WP Fortune! And that’s why you’re reading this blog 😉

Why WP Fortune?

WP Fortune delivers high quality WordPress plugins and services and is founded by Bart Pluijms, who also founded Geev. The support team of WP Fortune is ready for your questions and our development team will focus on creating high-quality WordPress plugins. Isn’t that great?

With the move to WP Fortune we can improve our support, extend our products and services and keep up with many changes in the WordPress Community! We think all our customers can benefit from it. We hope, you’ll benefit from it too!

What about my Geev plugin licence?

If you already have purchased a plugin at Geev you can easily switch to WP Fortune. Depending on the purchase date you’ll get discount on your new WP Fortune plugin.

  • Purchased in 2013: 25% discount on your new purchase and a lifetime licence
  • Purchased before <MONTH>50% discount on your new purchase and lifetime licence
  • Purchased after <MONTH>You’ll get the new plugin for free and a lifetime licence
  • For WooCommerce Upload My File: <MONTH> is May 2014 – You can switch with discount before February 1st 2015.
  • For WooCommerce PostNL Parcelware: <MONTH> is May 2014 – You can switch with discount before February 1st 2015.
  • For WooCommerce DYMO Print:  You can switch for free before January 1st 2016.
Get your special discount and new lifetime licence Or read more about how to switch to the new WP Fortune plugins!


After you’ve purchased and installed your new WP Fortune plugin you can disable and delete the old Geev plugin. Your new WP Fortune plugin will find all your old settings, so don’t worry about switching to the new plugin.

New licenses

All new licenses will give you one (1) year of support and updates. After that you need to purchase a new license if you want to get new updates or support.

Do I need to switch to WP Fortune?

No, you can still use the old Geev plugins. But, no new features will be added to the old plugins and support and updates for all Geev plugins will stop after 6 months after releasing the new WP Fortune plugin.

Get your new WP Fortune plugin as soon as possible!

We advise to get your new WP Fortune plugin as soon as possible. This way you can profit from the best support and many new features. We’ll give everyone 6 months time to switch to the new plugin with discount.


We hope everyone will benefit from the switch to WP Fortune. Don’t hesitate and contact us if you’ve any questions or need help with the switch. We are really looking forward to have you as a customer of WP Fortune!