How to change the “Enter title here” field for different post types?

We make a lot of custom themes and plugins which sometimes contain custom post types (CPT). We always try to make everything as convenient als possible. One thing we always like is to give the “Enter title here” field in the WP admin a better (and more logic) description.

When you normally create a new (custom) post this field will look like this:

custom post type enter title here - Default

Change the “Enter title field” in WordPress admin

If you make a new custom post type, let’s say “Photos”, it would be better to also change the “Enter title field” in the WordPress admin. We use the simple code below to change the field description. You can put this code inside your theme functions.php or your plugin.

function wpf_change_Enter_title_here( $title ){
   $screen = get_current_screen();
   if ($screen->post_type =='photos') { // Change photos in the name of your CPT
         $title = 'Enter the album title'; // Change this to the text you want to display
   return $title;
add_filter( 'enter_title_here', 'wpf_change_Enter_title_here' );

The result will look like this:

custom post type enter title here - Customized

Give us your example of a custom title field

Have you used above code to customize your “Enter title here” field? Please share your field description below in the comments! We’re always looking for nice examples!