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Contact & support

How do you provide support?

We have an email-only support policy. You can contact us via the Help Desk. Our support staff is based in The Netherlands and answers questions on work days only. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours. Contact us if you need some help.

How to get help

We want to make sure everyone gets great support. Here you´ll find 3 easy steps. This way our WordPress experts can answer your question as quick as possible.

1. Search the Knowledge base & Community

Enter your question in the box below to search the Knowledge base and the community forums.

If you have a pre-sale question you can ask it using the Pre-sale Community topic.


2. Make sure you’re using the latest versions of WordPress, plugins and themes

To make sure you’re using the latest version of WordPress, plugins and themes, go to Dashboard > Updates.

WP update check


There is a notification if WordPress needs an update. You will also find a list of all plugins and themes which are not up-to-date.

TIP: Create a backup of your WordPress installation before updating your WordPress core or plugin and theme files.

Please update your WordPress core, theme and plugins before contacting WP Fortune support. This way we can provide you the right support.

WP Fortune updater

If you’ve purchased one of our premium plugins you need to install the WP Fortune updater plugin to activate your licence key and get updates for your plugins.

3. Have you purchased a product or service from

Yes, I´ve purchased a product or service from

Open a new support ticket and we´ll contact you as soon as possible. All support tickets will be reviewed based on priority, but we try to answer within 24 hours.

To open a support ticket you need to enter your order number. You can find you order number on your WP Fortune account page.

Open a new support ticket

No, I’ve not purchased a product or service from

If you have not purchased a product or service from our service you can post your question in the Community forums.

How to contact WP Fortune

Errors and bugs

  1. Make sure WordPress, your theme and all plugins are updated to the latest versions.
  2. Try disabling all non-related plugins. If this does resolve the issue, activate each plugin one by one to find the plugin which causing the conflict.
  3. Still no luck? Try to switch to a WordPress default theme, for example Twenty Thirteen. If the issue is solved by using the default theme, contact your theme developer for more information.

Tried everything and no luck to resolve the issue? Contact us so we can help you to solve the problem.

For help with setup and activating our plugins, see the plugin documentation

Use the Knowledge base

Many questions are already answered in our Knowledge base or Community forums. You can search here: