General licence information

All general information about licences at WP Fortune. Read also our information about licence activation and about renewals and upgrading your licence.

What will I get with my licence?

Each licence will give you 1 year of updates and support. You’ll need a licence key for each installation of the plugin in order to receive updates and support. 5 Site licences and 25 site licence keys can be used on max. 5 or 25 sites.

Difference between FREE and PRO plugins

We create free plugins which are available from the WordPress repository. Support for free plugins is only provided by the forums. Our PRO plugins have a lot more features and with an active licence you’ll get free support and updates for one year.

Are there any lifetime licences?

No. We have 3 types of licences which are valid for one year only:

  1. For one site
  2. For five sites
  3. For 25 sites

In very special occasions we provide a lifetime licence. There is no need to contact us about it.

What happens when my licence is expired?

When your licence is expired you don’t receive any updates or support for the plugin anymore. If you want to receive updates and support again, you can renew your licence.

How does licensing work on WordPress Multisite (WPMS)?

For each website you need to activate the plugin individually and fill in your licence information like you normally would do. Make sure you have a multisite licence in order to use the same licence key for all of the websites inside the WordPress Multisite environment.

Using WP Fortune plugins on a multisite environment

All of our plugins are compatible on a WordPress multisite environment. If you’re using one of our plugins on a multisite environment, please make sure you activate your plugin on site level and not on network level.If you’re getting a ‘You do not have sufficient permissions’ error, you probably activated your plugin on network level.

How do I move my licence from one site to another?

First you need to deactivate the licence for the website for which it is currently active. You can do this in our WP Fortune plugin, or you can deactivate the licence on the ‘My licences’ tab on the ‘My account‘ page. Once your licence is deactivated you can activate the same licence on another website.