Licence activation

Here you’ll find all information about licence activation and switching licences. Read also our documentation about renewals and upgrading and general licence information.

How do I activate my licence?

You can activate the licence for a specific plugin inside our WP Fortune plugin. If you don’t have our WP Fortune plugin yet, you can download it here (this is a free plugin). You need to have the WP Fortune plugin installed on the same WordPress installation as where the plugin is installed. The WP Fortune plugin will recognize all installed WP Fortune plugins.

Now you can fill in the licences for each WP Fortune plugin, by filling in the licence key and the licence e-mail. You can find your licence keys by logging in on WP Fortune. Now you can find your licence keys by clicking on the ‘My licences’ tab on the ‘My account‘ page.

Download WP Fortune plugin

Download our WP Fortune plugin which you need to activate your licence. It’s a free plugin which handles all automatic plugin updates and licence information. It does not store or send (personal or private) website data to us except the information about your licence.

When activating my licence, I get an Invalid Instance ID error, why?

This usually happens when you already have activated a licence, then deactivated (or uninstalled) the WP Fortune plugin, installing / activating the WP Fortune plugin again and trying to fill in the licence data again. For security reasons all licence data on your website will be removed when you’re uninstalling / deactivating the WP Fortune plugin, but the licence on will be still active in this case (so you still will receive updates and support). Because you can’t activate an already activated licence, you get an Invalid Instance ID error.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘My licences’ tab on the ‘My account‘ page on
  2. Click on ‘Deactivate’ next to the licence for the website you get the Invalid Instance ID error for.
  3. Now activate the licence again in the WP Fortune plugin.