License renewal and upgrading

This page contains information about upgrading and renewing your license. Read also our general license documentation and information about license activation.

How do I upgrade my license?

In short: you can not upgrade licenses.

Upgrading from 1 year licenses to 3 years licenses

It’s not possible to upgrade your licenses from 1 year to 3 years. If your 1 year license is expired you can purchase a new 3 years license if you want.

Upgrading from 1 site licenses to 5 sites licenses

It’s not possible to upgrade your licenses from 1 site to 5 sites licenses. If you need to use our plugins on more sites you can purchase a new 1 site or 5 sites license.

How do I renew my license?

You need to purchase a new license when your license expires or is cancelled. It is not possible to automatically renew your license. When purchase a new license you’ll also receive a new license key. Your old license key will be invalid after expiration.

How much does it costs to renew?

We do not give any discounts on renewals. If you want to pay less for our plugins you can choose a 3 years license.

What do I receive when I renew?

When you renew your license, you will receive a new license key for the plugin. You need to fill this in into our WP Fortune plugin to get updates and support again.