Add new labels

The following documentation is only for WooCommerce DYMO Print 5.0.0 or above.


You can add as many labels a you need. By default there are labels for shipping or product purposes.

How to add new labels

If you need more label types or layouts you can add new labels.

Animation showing how to add new labels

Step by step instruction

  1. Go to WooCommerce –> DYMO Print
  2. Go to tab “General settings”
  3. Go to section “Label management”
  4. Go to “Add new label”
  5. Enter your new label name
  6. Select the label color to easily identify your new label
  7. Select the label type (order, order item or combination)
  8. Click button “Save labels”

How to delete labels

If you need to delete a label you just click the “Delete checkbox” after the label and click button “Save labels”. The selected labels are deleted immediately.

Animation showing how to delete labels

Create label combinations

With label combinations you can print multiple label types with a single click. Read how to create and use label combinations.