Create DYMO label

Outdated documentation

This documentation describes the process of creating labels with DYMO Label Software. We advise to use DYMO Connect. We’re currently working on new documentation. However the principles are still the same, so the documentation below will help you also if you use DYMO Connect.


WooCommerce DYMO Print comes with 4 sample labels which you can install from the Debug & Help tab. However you can add your own labels which you have created with the DYMO Label Software.

On this page you’ll find instructions how to create your own label.

Video tutorial

We’ve made a video showing the complete process of creating a new label and uploading it in WooCommerce DYMO Print. Check it out:

1. Choose correct label

WooCommerce DYMO Print does not recognize the label size and type which is being used in your DYMO LabelWriter. Therefore you need to check the label size you want to use first.

In our examples we use a standard Large Addres label (size 36mm x 89mm – SKU 99012) which comes with most LabelWriters when you buy it. If you use another label size you need to select another label in DYMO Connect.

DLS - Select label

2. Add label objects

Label objects are fields which can be replaced with WooCommerce data. For example

  • Address object
  • Text object
  • Barcode object

However you can add every object you like. For example: add an image object to print your logo on every label.

Placing objects on your label

  1. Drag & drop objects from the list to your labelDLS - Drag & Drop label object
  2. Position it and resize if necessary
  3. Add a default text (placeholder) to the object, this will be previewed inside the plugin
  4. Click Properties… to open Properties dialogDLS Properties dialog - add reference name
  5. Go to the Advanced tab and enter a Reference name for this object. The reference name is shown in the plugin.
  6. Add as many objects as you want

3. Save your label

Save your label in the DYMO Label Software. The label will be saved as a .label file. Give it a name which you can remember. The filename will be shown inside the plugin.

4. Upload your label

Upload the new created DYMO .label file in WooCommerce DYMO Print.

  1. Go to WooCommerce -> DYMO Print
  2. Select the label you want to change (for example: Shipping label)
  3. Select your file at Step 1: DYMO .label file -> option: Upload new .label file
  4. Select the file from your local system
  5. Save label layout

DYMO - upload label-file

Asign WooCommerce data to label

Now you’ve created and uploaded a new label you can assign WooCommerce data to each label object. To do this read step-by-step instructions and descriptions of every option.