Problem with printing since April 20th 2018

Update and solution! (28/04/2018)

A new version of DYMO Label Software (DLS) is available that resolves this issue. This will need to be installed on any client machine experiencing the slow printing issue. You can download it here.

Direct download of DYMO Label Software 8.7.1


Since April 20th we’re experiencing a lot of problems with printing with WooCommerce DYMO Print. The problems seems to be ocurring suddenly without any good reason.

This problem occurs only on Windows computer and it’s not related to any Apple devices as far as we know.

Users report they have not updated anything. This makes it really hard for us to locate the problem and solve the issue. We’ve finally located the issue and it seems to be an issue with the DYMO Web Service. The problem does not exists in our plugin, so we can not solve the issue.

What is happening?

The problem occurs since around 20/04/2018 and is caused by an external call from the DYMO Web Service. In basics printing works in several steps:

  1. Our plugin sends the label to the DYMO Web Service inside two different calls.
  2. DYMO Web Service tries to check the label inside an external library
  3. When the check is completed the label is printed with the DYMO Web Service drivers.

Since 20/04/2018 we notice a rate-limit on the external library. This is causing delays on the DYMO Web Service of something almost 1 minute.

We do not know why the rate-limit is suddenly set OR why the DYMO Web Service is calling this external library. It seems even the DYMO team is not knowing why this external library is needed and why there is a sudden rate limit applied on all their calls.

Unfortunately we can not solve the issue as it’s located in the DYMO Web Service.

What have we done

We’re reported the issue to the DYMO team. We hope they will come with an update to the DYMO Label Software which includes the DYMO Web Service. We’ve not get any response from the DYMO team.

We’ve also made a small update to our plugin which handles errors differently. We notice some improvements during printing, but it’s not solved entirely. We also need your action into this matter as you need to locally change some on your Windows installation.

How to solve the issue temporarily

Until the DYMO team has a good fix for this problem you need to follow these steps:

1. Update WooCommerce DYMO Print

Update WooCommerce DYMO Print plugin to version 3.1.9. Update is available for all users with a valid license key from within the WordPress update system OR from within our account at

Also make sure you’re using WooCommerce version 3.3 or higher and the most recent version of WordPress.

2. Upload a new label

Upload a new label-file in the plugin. Your old label needs to be replaced. If you do not upload a new label printing will not work.

3. Turn on debugging

Go to “Debug” tab in plugin settings and activate debugging.


4. Go to Windows Firewall

Go to your Windows start menu and look for “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security”. You need to run it as an administrator.

5. Add a new Firewall rule for outbound connections

We’re going to block the outbound call which is made by the DYMO Web Service and which slows down printing.

See instructions in this screenrecording:

  1. Go to “Outbound Rules” at the left of the screen.
  2. Click “New rule…” on the right of the screen
  3. Choose “Custom”. Click next.
  4. Choose “All programs”. Click next.
  5. Let all ports as default. Click next.
  6. Under “Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to?” add a new external IP-address.
    1. Click on “These IP addresses”
    2. Click on button “Add…”
    3. Enter the following IP:
    4. Click on “Next”.
  7. Set default on “Block this connection”. Click next
  8. Select all three checkboxes. Click next
  9. Give the new firewall rule a name, for example “DYMO block external resource”
  10. Click on “Complete”

The firewall rule is now set and it should block the external call.

6. Restart your computer

Restart your computer to apply the new firewall rule. After restarting you should be able to print DYMO labels again with WooCommerce DYMO Print.

Please contact us with a screenshot of the new firewall rule if you’re still experiencing problems.

And now???

We hope the DYMO team will respond on a short notice and release a updated version of the DYMO Label Software which contains a fix for this issue.

We’re following development of the DYMO Web Service closely so we hope we can tell you more within a couple of weeks.