WooCommerce DYMO Print 2.5 and new DYMO Label Software

The last months we have been struggling with printer connection problems due to security changes in several browsers. This wasn’t caused by our plugin, but by the DYMO drivers which could no longer connect with the browser.

As a DYMO Software Partner we have been following the development of the new DYMO Label Software closely and we’re happy that the DYMO team finally managed to release a stable version of the new DYMO Label Software (DLS) for Windows and Mac.

WooCommerce DYMO Beta users

Are you using the DYMO BETA plugin? You need to uninstall the DYMO DLS Web Service before you continue. Go to your Windows control panel –> Programs –> Uninstall a Program. Search for the DYMO DLS Web Service and uninstall it.


uninstall dymo web service

Installation of the new DYMO Label Software (DLS)

To use the new WooCommerce DYMO Print plugin you need to install the new DYMO Label Software (DLS) version 8.5.3. which is currently in “soft launch”. It will be released to the public in January 2016.

Install or update WooCommerce DYMO Print PRO to version 2.5 or above

Also make sure you’re running the latest version of WooCommerce DYMO Print PRO on your WordPress installation.

We advise to run it with WooCommerce 2.4 or above, and on WordPress 4.3 or above.

If you have an active licence for WooCommerce DYMO Print PRO the plugin will update automatically.

Other changes in WooCommerce DYMO Print PRO 2.5

Besides the improved connection with DYMO LabelWriters in all major browsers we have added:

  • Support for printing multiple labels from one order (documentation will come soon)
  • Support for printing order item (products) information on labels for each item of an order. (documentation will come soon)
  • Improved support for SVG icons in order overview for better support in an upcoming version 4.0.
  • Improved error handling with better error-messages and a check if a printer exists or not
  • Several other improvements working towards version 3.0.

Good luck with the new and improved WooCommerce DYMO Print plugin.