WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On

Let your customers upload files to products before purchasing

A beautiful add-on for our WooCommerce Uploads plugin (€ 19,00)

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Do you want to accept file uploads before checkout? Use this add-on combined with WooCommerce Uploads to power your store with file uploads!



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Extension details

  • Last updated June 22, 2020
  • Extension type Add-on for WooCommerce Uploads
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About WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On

Let customers upload files before checkout and attach this to an order after checkout

The WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On is an extra feature for the WooCommerce Uploads plugin. This add-on lets customers upload files before checkout and attach the uploaded files to the order after checkout.

The WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On can only be used in combination with the WooCommerce Uploads plugin.

WooCommerce uploads before add-on plugin

Main features of WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On

Customized add to cart button

We’ve customized the add to cart button to show your customers to upload files.

Add to cart button on product page

Other features…

  • One-click install (activation of the plugin is enough)
  • Let customers upload files before the checkout process
  • Force customers to upload files before they can checkout
  • Advanced settings for required uploads (strict mode, multiple ordered items)
  • Variation support
  • Upload button in cart
  • Only works with WooCommerce Uploads

WooCommerce compatibility

WooCommerce Uploads Before Add-On is fully compatible with the new WordPress 4.9.x and WooCommerce 3.5.x.

Upload files after checkout

This add-on plugin is developed to work together with our WooCommerce Uploads plugin. Both plugins combined give you an ultimate upload experience for your customers.

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